WALKING DEAD (Stern) Hitchhiker sign mod


Stern AMC'S THE WALKING DEAD pinball machine Prison Hitchhiker modification sign wiith interactive lighting.

Fits all models of THE WALKING DEAD pinball machines.


  • 880-6169-12


  • 1. Remove bolt that holds plastic to the left of the prison. Set bolt aside. Lift playfield.
  • 2. Locate hole underneath bottom of prison. Feed LED strip through the hole guiding it through the left rear side of metal bracket (this bracket is near the rear of the of the prison).
  • 3. Find 2-pin connector under the prison that attaches to the white flasher. Disconnect and reconnect using the mod's 2-pin IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) connectors.
  • 4. Lower the playfield. Remove LED strip adhesive paper and slide the strip into the Hitchhiker sign bracket. Press LED strip down gently using a blunt object to adhere to bracket.
  • Place bracket over the screw and reattach nut. Installation is complete.

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