Tamper proof Torx® wrench set - 8 piece folding


8 piece folding tamper resistant Torx® style wrench set

Fits star bit pin-in-center style fasteners.

Includes sizes:

  • T-9 (SD-9)
  • T-10 (SD-10)
  • T-15 (SD-15)
  • T-20 (SD-20)
  • T-25 (SD-25)
  • T-27 (SD-27)
  • T-30 (SD-30)
  • T-40 (SD-40)

    Heat treated, chrome molybdenum steel bits are sandblasted, chrome plated and housed in a powder coated housing that folds for easy storage.


    • 77-TTB-F

8.6 oz


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