SMD soldering practice kit


Surface Mount Device electronic components soldering skill practice kit

It's a terrible idea to practice your surface mount device (SMD) soldering skills on an expensive or irreplaceable pinball circuit board. It's a great idea to start with this inexpensive flashing LED light training kit.

Excellent kit to practice SMD soldering that's fun and challenging. The only active circuit is the circle of flashing and rotating LEDs in the center of the board. The 3 columns on each side are for solder training only. Components values are random, only the package size matters. The tiniest 0402 size packages are challenging to handle and solder in place.

The center LED circle can be powered with any 5-12 volt DC power supply (not included) to enjoy the light animation. It's rewarding to watch after assembling the components.

The reverse side of the board contains rulers and gauges to help identify components.

Contains 125 components in several standard surface mount footprints. You can complete 274 solder joints on one side of the circuit board. Practice soldering the dummy component placement columns on either side of the circle to improve your proficiency before assembling the active rotating LED circuit in the center of the board.

Rough English translation Instruction sheet is here

Includes schematic diagram for flashing LEDs circuit and component identification and placement chart.


  • 77-SMD

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