PINJACK - Pinball Leg Lifter


Save your back! Use the PinJack!

PinJack lifts pinball machines by raising the leg of the machine without using your physical body to do the job!

Two PinJacks can be used to raise both legs in the back of the pinball machine at the same time to adjust the pitch and level. This allows quick adjustment and saves from having to turtle underneath the machine.

Benefits Include:

  • No longer needing to crawl under the pinball machine, called turtling, to raise or lower the legs.
  • No longer needing to balance the pinball machine on a knee while trying to spin the baseplate of the pinball leg for pitch and level.
  • The ability to raise the back two legs and adjust the pitch and level at the same time thus speeding up the entire process considerably.
  • Most importantly, saving the physical straining and reducing time spent lifting, leveling, and moving pinball machines around to new locations.

How it works:

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