Extractor tool dual terminal .062 and .093 inch


Dual terminal sizes .062 and .093 inch extractor tool

A single tool for 2 of the most common size crimp terminal extractions.

There's no way on earth to remove a round pin (male or female crimp terminal) from its housing without destroying it, the housing, or your hands — unless you use this tool.

It pushes the pin's locking tabs back to allow clean removal of the pin. The .093 inch diameter pin tool is the most commonly used on all pinball machines, while the smaller .062 inch pin tool is useful on early Williams pinball machine solid state harness connectors.


  • 77-PET6293 for .062" and .093" diameter terminals
  • 77-PET93 for .093" diameter terminals
  • 77-PET63 for .062" diameter terminals
  • Stern 000-0305-00 for .093 inch diameter terminals

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