Its Lit Pinball Cup Holder - Bronze Gears


Introducing the Its Lit Pinball Light Up Cup Holder - the ultimate enhancement for your pinball machines!

This lit cup holder is both easy to install and remove. Its multi-color, multi-mode LED feature is customizable to match the theme of your specific pinball machine, making it an instant eye-catcher. With the included easy-to-use adapters the Light Up Cup Holder can be powered directly from a wall outlet, the pinball machine service outlet, or any 5-volt power source.

The Bronze Gears Lit Cup Holder features dual bronze "steampunk" gears, a ring base and an acrylic light-enhancing cylinder.


RGB Individually Controlled LEDs Adjustable Brightness Wireless remote control Multiple Power options:

  • DC 5V Main Connector
  • USB-A to DC Adapter (5V)
  • Wall Power to USB Adapter (Standard US Socket)
  • 'Alligator Clip' to USB Adapter (5V)


Its Lit Cup Holder Cup Holder Mounting Bracket LED RGB IC Controller with Remote Control DC 5V Main Connector (6 ft) Wall Power Adapter (Standard US Socket) USB-A Adapter (5V) ‘Alligator Clip’ Adapter (5V) Sticky Backs & Zip Ties

2 lb


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