Test Fixture Williams special solenoid System 3-11


Special solenoid circuit bench tester board for Williams System 3-11 and early Data East pinball boards.

Allows for easy bench testing by eliminating cumbersome test leads. Includes board and jumper cable. Comes assembled and ready to use.


  • Plug the tester board connector into the special solenoid switch input connector on your driver board.
  • Run the attached alligator clip lead to any available ground connection. Once connected, the 6 push buttons on the diagnostic board will act as playfield switches for your special solenoids. System 3-7 connections for this board are shown in the photo below.
  • Intended for use in conjunction with the LED solenoid testers connected at 2J12. Pushing the individual buttons on this tester should cause the matching LED for that circuit to light. If it does not light up, that indicates a problem on your driver board.

    On the special solenoid testers there is also a black test loop present. This is an extension of the ground that you connected the alligator clip to.

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