Test Fixture Williams display System 3-7


Display bench tester board for Williams System 3-7 pinball boards.

View the numeric outputs for 6 digit or 7 digit display modules on a compact OLED when bench testing. Shows all 4 players, plus the ball/credit display. Eliminates the need to install original display system in game cabinet to read diagnostic or audit information.

Set includes tester board, special wire harness, and printed instruction sheet.

A must for repair and bench testing of Williams pinball System 3-7 CPU boards.

Operating Instructions:

  • It is recommended that you use the same 5v power source that you are using to power the CPU board under test. When applicable, the test points on your CPU board are an excellent choice.

    Photo shows the tester installed onto a System 6 CPU board. One alligator clip goes to a +5v source, the other to a ground location.

    Power input is non-polarized, so it doesn't matter which wire is connected to +5v power or ground. Don't short them out when attaching alligator clips. You may typically use TP9 and TP10 on system 3-7 CPU boards. Be careful on system 6 boards, the test points are very close together.

    Three operating modes are available by pressing and stepping through the 'Mode Select' switch.

    • Mode 1: "No Signal" display indicates board is running, but not decoding or receiving data
    • Mode 2: Display 6-digit format numerics
    • Mode 3: Display 7-digit format numerics
    • Shows all 4 players plus ball/credit display.
    • A blank screen indicates no power or failed processor. Test points are labeled to verify actual voltages in use.


      • 77-DB05-022
      • formerly 77-DB05-011

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