anyPin NVRAM Battery Eliminator Universal


anyPin NVRAM Battery Eliminator 5101/6116/6264 universal module
Say goodbye to pinball MPU batteries!
The new anyPin module replaces all typical pinball CPU Random Access Memory (RAM) integrated circuits and eliminates the need for battery backup memory with the use of NVRAM (Non Volatile RAM) technology.

No soldering is required for installation on games with RAM chips that have a factory installed socket for easy removal of the RAM chip itself (Data East and Stern White Star), but it is recommended to de-solder and replace the old IC socket on those circuit boards with the included new IC sockets for increased reliability. De-soldering the factory RAM chip and installing the included IC socket is also required to install this NVRAM on Bally 2518, Bally 6803, Williams System 3 - 11, WPC89, and WPC95 circuit board sets.
The anyPin NVRAM can be used in Gottlieb System 80, 80A, and 80B games, but is not for use with System 1 or System 3.

Read the installation instructions CAREFULLY before installing this board. Incorrect installation will destroy this module.
To Replace a 5101 RAM

  1. Set the two 5101 DIP switches on the right side of the board to the ON position.
  2. Set the two 6116/6264 DIP switches to the OFF position.
  3. Install PIN 1 on the anyPin board into the socket matching PIN 1 of the old 5101/6116 on your CPU board.
  4. Two pins on the outer socket strip will NOT be used on the front of the anyPin board and one pin on the back will NOT be used.
  5. The extra overhanging pins should not touch the CPU board, components or pads on the board.

To Replace a 6116 RAM
  1. Set the 6116 DIP switch to the ON position. ALL other DIP switches need to be set to the OFF position.
  2. Install the anyPin module into the socket matching the 5101/6116 PIN 1 on the module to PIN 1 of the socket.
  3. The center pins on the underside of the anyPin module are not used for the 6116 configuration. The two pins on each side of the front of the module will not be used. The extra pins that overhang should not touch the board, components or pads.

To Replace a 6264 RAM
  1. Set the 6264 DIP switch to the ON position. ALL other DIP switches need to be set to the OFF position.
  2. AlignPIN 1 on the anyPin module to PIN 1 of the socket. The center pins on the underside of the module are not used for the 6264 configuration.

To Replace a 62256 RAM Williams WPC CPU boards had the ability to work with 6264 or 62256 RAM chips, so a few CPUs shipped from the factory with a 62256 RAM instead of 6264. If your board has a 62256 RAM, jumper W3 will need to be removed, and a 1.5K resistor will be placed in the spot for R93. This allows the 6264 anyPin configuration to work properly.
Re-Using Existing Sockets
Reusing the existing socket on the CPU for installation of the anyPin module is possible, but for long term reliability the use of the included machine pin SIP sockets is recommended. This requires unsoldering the old socket and installing the new SIP sockets.
6116/6264 installation using the existing RAM socket may require the clipping of the center supports of the socket to accommodate the center pins on the anyPin module. Alternately, anyPin module can be inserted into the included machine pin SIP sockets, stacking the connector higher to allow proper clearance.

The notch on the anyPin module must be oriented in the same direction as the screened notch on the CPU board. Failure to align the notch properly WILL DESTROY the module. Such damage is not covered by warranty.

  • 77-AR5101
  • Williams 5A-9017
  • Bally E-00620-0042
  • Gottlieb XO356
  • 5101
  • P5101L
  • 5101L3
  • D5101L
  • D5101L-3
  • D5101LC
  • D5101LC-1
  • HA35101-5
  • M5M5101
  • MWS5101EL-3
  • S5101L-1
  • SCM5101C
  • SCM5101E
  • SCM5101E-3
  • UPD5101LC
  • SCM5101C
  • TC5517-BPL
  • 2016
  • MK6116N-15
  • NTE2128
  • 6116LP
  • 6116P
  • CDM6116AE3
  • LH5268A-10LL
  • TC5516
  • UPD4016
  • 105-0052-05
  • IDT6116SA35TP
  • CY7C128A-35PC
  • M58725P
  • 5340-09878-00
  • 5340-12278-00
  • XO-781
  • 105-5046-00
  • HM6264P
  • 62256 (with modifications)
  • AnyPIN RAM

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