anyPin NVRAM Battery Eliminator


anyPin DMD+ NVRAM Battery Eliminator 6116/6264 module
Say goodbye to pinball MPU batteries!
The anyPin DMD+ module replaces all typical pinball CPU Random Access Memory (RAM) integrated circuits and eliminates the need for battery backup memory with the use of NVRAM (Non Volatile RAM) technology.
This low cost version of anyPin will work in all DMD pinball machines manufactured up to 2006 (Stern games manufactured before 2006 (Whitestar), all WPC, System 8, System 9, System 11, 6803, Sega, and Data East machines are fully compatible with anyPinDMD+. Stern games made after 2006 and Gottlieb System 3s are not compatible,) *PLUS* Williams System 8, System 9, Williams/Bally System 11, Bally 6803 and Data East games that originally used 6116 RAM. Any game that originally used either 6116, 6264 or 62256 RAM will work with an anyPin DMD+!

Installation is streamlined on games with RAM chips that have a factory installed socket for easy removal of the RAM chip itself (Data East and Stern White Star.) De-soldering the factory RAM chip is required to install this NVRAM on Bally 2518, Bally 6803, Williams System 3 - 11, WPC89, and WPC95 circuit board sets.

If installing the anyPinDMD+ into a 6116 game you will need to solder the JP1 jumper on the anyPinDMD+ module and desolder the JP2 jumper.

If installing the anyPinDMD+ into a Williams System 8, 9 or 11 game or a 6803 game you will need to two included resistors onto R1 and R2 located on the bottom of the board.

Read the installation instructions CAREFULLY before installing this board. Incorrect installation will destroy this module. The instructions can be found here.

  • Williams 5A-9017
  • Bally E-00620-0042
  • Gottlieb XO356
  • 2016
  • MK6116N-15
  • NTE2128
  • 6116LP
  • 6116P
  • CDM6116AE3
  • UPD4016
  • 105-0052-05
  • IDT6116SA35TP
  • CY7C128A-35PC
  • M58725P
  • 5340-09878-00
  • 5340-12278-00
  • XO-781
  • 105-5046-00
  • HM6264P
  • 62256 (with modifications)
  • AnyPIN RAM

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