Rivet tool for solid & tubular rivets


Setting Tool for solid, tubular, and semi-tubular rivets.

Use with hammer to squeeze and form rivets on ramps, target switch faces, and other assemblies.
140" Setter Hole Diameter.

Not for use with pop-rivets.

Set solid rivets using this tool and your hammer. For proper installation, choose a tool with a setter hole diameter slightly larger than the rivet being set. Push the rivet through a hole in the materials to be joined and place a washer on the rivet on the backside of the material. Use the tool's straight hole to drive the washer down tight against the material.

Cut the rivet off 1/16" above the washer with side or end nippers. The outlet hole on the side of the rivet setter can be used to dislodge any waste that is wedged into the tool.

Place the concave recess of the tool on the washer. Hold the tool perpendicular and strike it forcefully, turning to the left then right as you strike. This spreads the end of the rivet over the washer, simultaneously rounding its end.


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