NVRAM 6116 Module Battery Eliminator


Non Volatile RAM 6116 Module Battery Eliminator

Premium quality nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) replacement for the 6116 RAM used in pinball / arcade machines. Replaces a 6116, 2016, 4016, 9128 or compatible pinout "2k x 8" SRAM.

Batteries leak. Even brand new major brand batteries can leak a year or two later for no apparent reason and cause hundreds of dollars in repairs or replacement of boards and components affected. Upgrading to NVRAM will save you time, money and any future worry of battery damage. It's the best insurance you can buy your games.

These modules use Cypress brand F-RAM nvram ICs rated at 151-year data retention & 100 trillion read/write cycles. No batteries are required for high score or game settings retention. You can discard the batteries from your game. Module installs easily into any IC socket and uses machine header pins that will not damage the socket.

Please note that on some games this will require removal of the existing RAM soldered to the board & installation of a 24-pin DIP socket (now included).

Please see the compatibility list below for more info.

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