Pop bumper body Data East/Sega/Stern orange


Data East/Sega/Stern custom orange color plastic pop bumper body.

1.5 inch (38mm) tall bumper body. Great for customizing all models of Data East / Sega / S.P.I. Stern machines with pop bumpers.

Excellent substitute for Bally/Williams 03-7443-5. Pop bumper body is 1/8 inch taller than 03-7443-5 and provides extra clearance for pop bumper lamps. Prevents hot lamp burn of pop bumper caps.

Works well in other brand games unless there are brackets or mechanisms mounted directly over the pop bumper cap.


  • Data East/Sega/Stern 545-5197-00
  • Replacement for most Williams 03-7443-5 applications
  • Replacement for Capcom PL00265

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