Ball shooter shaft 200mm x M8


These chrome finish shooter rods do not have a perfect uniform finish! At worst they have extremely light surface pitting. We have priced these rods at bargain prices due to these irregularities!
Chrome finish ball shooter rod with no knob for customizing your pinball machine. Metric M8 threaded end.
Steel shaft functional length (distance from shooter tip to knob inside) is 7-7/8 inches. Standard 3/8 inch Outer Diameter shaft.

Drawing dimensions:

  • A = 200mm (7-7/8 inches) functional length
  • B = 210mm (8-1/4 inches) overall length
  • C = 179.6mm (7 inches) knob inside to groove
  • D = 19.2mm (3/4 inch) groove to tip

    Drill a 3/8 inch diameter hole in any object or toy and epoxy or screw it to the M8 x 10mm threaded end of the rod for a unique ball launching experience. Includes nut.


    • 20-9253-N spline end
    • 20-9253

4 oz


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