Pushbutton LED Kit - white


New illuminated flipper pushbutton kit for late model Stern pinball machines.

Fits all Stern pinball machines made from 1999 to present.

12V adaptor required for Stern SPIKE system pinball machines.

No soldering needed.

Kit includes:
  • 2 blue LED circuit boards with wire harnesses and connectors
  • 2 clear flipper pushbuttons

Tools required for installation: 1/4" nut driver, pliers.

Installation Instructions
1. Turn off power to pinball machine.
2. Remove playfield glass and raise playfield and secure it safely.
3. Access the pal nuts that secure the left and right side flipper pushbuttons.
4. With the nut driver, remove the locking screws and washers that secure the pal nuts. With pliers, remove the pal nuts and old pushbuttons. Save the pal nuts for use with the new clear pushbuttons and LED boards.
5. With the nut driver, remove one of the 2 screws that hold the flipper leaf switches to the cabinet. Loosen the other screw and swivel the flipper leaf switch out of the way.
4. Insert the new clear pushbuttons into the cabinet and attach circuit boards to pushbutton shafts. The LED's face the inside of the cabinet.
5. Secure the pushbutton and circuit board with the pal nut. You may bend the LED's up for easier access to the pal nut. Do not over-tighten the nut. Re-adjust the LED positions.
6. Plug the LED circuit board connector into the unused 12v power plug beneath the shooter rod.
7. Turn the game on and test for LED operation.
8. Reassemble playfield and glass.

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