METALLICA LE PREMIUM (Stern) Magnet processor board


Stern METALLICA LE & PREMIUM models pinball machine Magnet Processor board.

Stern Service Bulletin #182

Subject: METALLICA Limited Edition and Premium machines. New firmware for the magnet processor board along with software version V1.22 or higher optimizes the hammer/magnet feature.

Symptoms: False hammer strikes. Or the magnet will grab and hold the ball for a brief moment and release it without the hammer and disappearing ball mechanism activating.

Solution: Contact your distributor for a replacement magnet processor board # 520-6801-00. Please note. Games manufactured with serial number # 242584 or higher will have the new magnet processor board.

Instructions for Replacing Magnet Processor Board

  • 1.Locate the magnet processor board located under the playfield. (See picture below).
  • 2.Unplug the (3) pin and (12) pin connectors from the magnet processor board.
  • 3.Remove the (4) ¼” Hex head screws securing the magnet processor board and take the board of of the playfield.
  • 4.Install the new magnet processor board in place of the old board using the (4) screws mentioned in step (3).
  • 5.Reconnect the (3) pin and (12) connectors to the magnet processor board.

Service Bulletin 182

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