Ball shooter rod - Crystal Die


Ball Shooter rod with 1-1/2 inch crystal die knob.
Rod measures 7-5/8" long from under lip to tip.

Are dice featured on your pinball machine? The Crystal Die Shooter looks great on Stern MONOPOLY or HIGH ROLLER CASINO pinball machines.  

The diameter of the Crystal Die rod is very close to the size of a standard ball shooter knob. The unique mounting, using a corner rather than a face, keeps all of the numbers intact and also creates a nearly circular profile. The shooter rolls smoothly on a flat surface.

Made in the USA, the Crystal Die Shooter comes in a velour pouch with a new shooter tip and is a direct replacement for the standard shooter on your machine.

Add the elegance of the Crystal Die Shooter to Stern’s MONOPOLY or HIGH ROLLER CASINO, or any casino theme Bally, Midway or Williams pinball machine.


  • 515-6557-XX

5.6 oz


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