Service support bracket Stern SPIKE kit


Playfield service support slide U bracket upgrade kit for late model Stern SPIKE and SPIKE 2 System pinball machines.

Upgrade kit replaces dual threaded rod supports on many late model Stern pinball machines.

Large U shaped brackets allow playfield to rest in the extended service position and avoid damage to underside circuitry and mechanisms. Also eases access when sliding playfield in and out of the cabinet.

Beginning with WWE WRESTLEMANIA, Stern Spike System PROFESSIONAL Edition pinball machines use playfield support slide brackets with 2 threaded rod service support pegs.

For Stern SAM system machines see #535-6862-0X under related items below.

This upgrade kit comes complete with: (2) playfield support slide U brackets (511-7621-00). (6) #10 x 1/2 inch mounting screws

Tools required for installation: Phillips screwdriver

  • 511-7621-00
  • Errata: Listed in many Stern manuals as 535-6862-05.

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