JURASSIC PARK (Stern) Pinball Topper


Stern SPI Jurassic Park Topper.

Official JURASSIC PARK fully interactive pinball topper with pulsating LED light show that enhances the playing experience on any game model.

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Welcome to Jurassic Park! This Jurassic park pinball topper interacts with your game by capturing dinosaurs to light a letter in Jurassic Park. Your letter progress carries over from game to game. Spell Jurassic Park for a special mode. There's no better way to top off your game!

Topper has individual LEDs that light up the individual letters of JURASSIC PARK. Start the game with the topper attached and not in a Competition Mode game and you can light up a letter in JURASSIC PARK on the topper solid for each dinosaur you capture in the game.

Each letter is collected from left to right in sequence until JURASSIC PARK is spelled out. This persists for all players and games, until someone is lucky or skillful enough to get the dinosaur that completely lights JURASSIC PARK. Once enabled, a Super Supply Drop lights at the Supply Drop Target to start the "GOAT MANIA" mode. If you drain before starting GOAT MANIA, the "K" in JURASSIC PARK will un-light for the next person to collect a dinosaur to light it again after their next dino collect. Once GOAT MANIA is successfully started all the letters unlight after the mode is played and can start being collected again.


A limited flip mode defaults to 40 flips, but may be adjusted in "GOAT MANIA FLIP LIMIT" from min 35 to max 50 flips. You have 40 flips to score as many shots as you can as each flip makes a goat sound effect and the scores are based on the Amber shots in the game as if all the Amber Features are running at the same time. TARGETS, RAMPS, HALFPIPES, SLINGS, POPS all score the current Amber Value and increment it for each score.


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