BATMAN 66 (Stern) Ramp cover and deflector


Stern BATMAN 66 pinball machine Bat ramp cover and ball deflector kit.


  • 502-7036-00
  • 755-7616-00 instruction sheet


Tools Required:

#2 Phillips Head Screwdriver
1/4" Hex Nutdriver OR 1/4" Hex Wrench
1/32" Hex Nutdriver OR Wrench for 8-32 nut

Installing the Ball Deflector Bracket:

  • Remove the 8-32 nut & oversize #8 washer on top of the left wire ramp mounting leg and set them aside. Lift up on the leg and remove & discard the other oversize #8 washer.
  • While holding up the mounting leg, place the mounting hole of the deflector bracket onto the threaded post. The small tab should hang out over the edge of the -05 plastic and prevent the bracket from rotating.
  • Place the mounting leg back into position and reinstall the 8-32 nut and washer. Adjust the ramp position as necessary to keep the exit loop centered over the return lane.
  • Return the playfield to its normal playing position.

    Installing the Ramp Cover Support:

    • Place the playfield in a position that is convenient for access to the rear section of the game.
    • Remove the 8-32 nut on top of the electric gate cover and set it aside. Leave the #8 washer in place.
    • Attach the L/4" hex spacer onto the threaded stud that protrudes through the electric gate cover. push up on the gate magnet to ensure that the magnet is properly seated into its mounting bracket.
    • Remove the two 6-32 x I/4" screws & washers that hold the cat billboard assembly onto the left metal ramp. Set the washers aside and discard the screws.
    • Place the ramp cover support under the cat billboard assembly. Attach both plastic parts to the left metal ramp with the two 6-32 x 3/8" screws & washers.
    • Move the ramp cover support so that the mounting hole sits on the thread of the 1/4" hex spacer. Reinstall the 8-32 hex nut with the additional #8 washer.

      Link to instructions part one

      Link to instructions part two

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