Glass playfield 21 x 43 x 3/16 inch HD anti-reflection


NEW! High Definition Anti-Reflection playfield glass

Standard size pinball cabinet Anti-Reflection HD tempered playfield glass measures 21" x 43" x 3/16" thick and may be installed on most manufacturer's pinball machines.

List price includes shipping insurance on each piece.

A premium product upgrade found on many Stern Limited Edition pinball machines that protects the playfield and increases game visibility on any machine.

Benefits include:

  • HD glass blocks 99% of UltraViolet light rays that deteriorate playfield plastics and artwork
  • Reflects less than 1% of ambient light for clearest possible playfield viewing
  • Super neutral optical coating allows true color transmission through glass

We stock all sizes of regular tempered pinball glass.

Tempered glass is required on for all pinball machines for safety and excellent game visibility.

Using ammonia based glass cleaners can damage the coating on HD glass; make sure your chosen glass cleaner is ammonia free.

Compatible replacement for all these standard size pinball glass part numbers:

  • Williams 08-7028-T / A-08-7028-T
  • Stern 660-5001-00
  • Bally G-409
  • Midway 0360-00921-0000
  • Game Plan 08-10003D
  • Capcom GL00102
  • Allied Leisure 264-8-43


  • 502-6845-00

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