TRANSFORMERS LE (Stern) Update kit


Stern TRANSFORMERS Limited Edition pinball machine Technical Update kit # 502-6798-C4 airball prevention.

Some playfield shots from flippers to the single bank drop target, tend to loft and land in random areas on the playfield.

Explanation: Locations with a higher than normal line voltage, may see lofting due to the increased strength of the flippers.

Solution: Install the Megatron anti-loft plastic above the single bank drop target. This anti-loft plastic is included in the Transformers L/E Update Kit # 502-6798-C4.

** The Transformers L/E Technical Update Kit also contains the following items. **

  • Bumblebee plastic protector
  • Key fob
  • (2) Dimmer cards
  • (2) White mini playfield rubber rings
  • (2) Black flipper rubber rings
  • (2) Black 3/16” I.D. rubber rings
  • (2) Black 7/16” O.D. rubber rings
  • (4) # 906 flash lamps
  • (2) Zip ties

Stern Service Bulletin 179

9 oz


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