Ticketless Redemption Harness and Topper - Stern Pinball


New Stern pinball machine Redemption Pinball Ticketless or Virtual Ticket dispenser and topper for machines with card/swipe systems.

This is a paperless, Virtual Ticket system.

  • Turn any late model card/swipe Stern pinball into a Virtual Ticket Redemption game machine.
  • Virtual ticket winnings are transmitted to prize redemption counter computer at the entertainment center.


  • Works on all Stern pinball machines from TRON and newer.
  • Includes harness adapter and 520-5068-01 board.
  • 'Tickets!' topper with mounting brackets and hardware included.
  • Easy installation.
  • Increases earnings in Family Fun Centers and Entertainment Centers.
  • May be neatly removed for game routing or re-sale


  • 502-6109-00 for ticketless systems

2 lb


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