Coin door assembly Stern single


New Stern single chute style pinball machine coin door includes frame, coin mech holder, coin switches, coin slot lamps and lamp sockets, lock and keys.

Standard OEM (original equipment manufacturer) two-slot replacement coin door for new Stern SPIKE System pinball machines.

Includes frame, 4 button service switch assembly, lock and keys, slam-tilt switch and coin mechanism mounting brackets.

Coin mechanisms and wiring harness not included but available separately below.

If you would also like new hardware for your door, the following is what was used to attach the door to the cabinet:

  • Qty 4 231-5003-00 Carriage bolt - 1/4-20 x 1 - 1/4" (4320-1123-20B)
  • Qty 4 4420-01141-00 Nut - 1/4-20 serrated flanged nut
  • Qty 4 4700-00041-00 Washer - .312 x .750 x .06.


    • 501-5018-900

8 lb


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