Machine Screw 8-32 x 3/8 inch p-ph-sems


Machine screw with 8-32 thread x 3/8 inch long phillips pan head zinc finish wih external tooth lockwasher.

(SEMS is a fastener industry term that refers to a screw or bolt which has a captive washer.)


  • 4008-01003-06
  • Replaces 4008-01017-06
  • Replaces 232-5301-00
  • SC00101-03

Fastener part numbering system explained:

The last 2 digits (XX) of the 4 digit fastener part number prefix (40XX-12345-12) indicates the standard stud size of the bolt or screw. For example, part #4006-01030-12 indicates a #6 stud diameter (.138") fastener.

The 2 digit part number suffix for bolts and screws (-12, -04, -16, etc) indicates the number of 1/16" length increments of the fastener. For example, part #4004-01003-04 indicates a screw that is 4/16" long or 1/4" long.

The middle 5 digits describe the fastener head style or other features.

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