Machine Screw 2-56 x 7/16 inch p-ph-s


2-56 x 7/16" long phillips pan head machine screw with integrated internal tooth lockwasher.

This is the small phillips panhead screw used to secure most playfield microswitches.

Commonly used on many 1990's Bally and Williams pinball games.


  • 4002-01105-07
  • Used with 01-8719 bracket

Fastener part numbering system explained:

The last 2 digits (XX) of the 4 digit fastener part number prefix (40XX-12345- 12) indicates the standard stud size of the bolt or screw. For example, part #4006-01030-12 indicates a #6 stud diameter (.138") fastener.

The 2 digit part number suffix for bolts and screws (-12, -04, -16, etc) indicates the number of 1/16" length increments of the fastener. For example, part #4004-01003- 04 indicates a screw that is 4/16" or 1/4" long.

The middle 5 digits describe the fastener head style or other features.

Basic diameters and threads of Standard SAE (Society of American Engineers) numeric system small machine screws are shown below.

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