Ball shooter rod assembly - red transparent


Ball shooter rod kit with red transparent truss shaped knob.

Plunger rod has bright finish. Used with most late model Williams, Bally and other brand pinball machines.

The steel shaft portion of the rod from tip to knob bottom, the functional length, measures approximately 7-7/8 inch long. Overall assembled length is 8-5/8 inches. E-clip groove is 3/4 inch from end.

Ships un-assembled. Apply one drop of the included blue thread lock fluid to the rod threads and screw the knob onto the rod.

Set includes:

  • 20-9253-X threaded shooter rod
  • KN51943 transparent red transparent knob
  • 66-12199 medium removable 2 ml thread lock fluid


    • 20-9253-9

4.43 oz


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