Flipper & shaft - Williams logo white


Williams one-piece 3 inch white plastic flipper bat with upside down Williams "W" logo (often referred to as the "Motorola" flipper) molded on steel shaft assembly. For correctly oriented logo, use 20-10110-5 flipper.

Shaft is 2-3/16 inches (55 mm) long.

Used on mid 1980's through late 1990's pinball machines.

It's a good idea to change all flipper bats simultaneously for a good color match on the new flipper plastics. Old flipper plastic discolors with age and new flippers have consistently bright colors.


  • 20-9250-5
  • Use 20-10110-5 for flipper with correctly positioned "W" logo. 20-10110-5 also has underside reinforcement ribs added to the bat for strength.

1 oz


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