LECTRONAMO (Stern) Plastic set


Stern LECTRONAMO pinball machine playfield plastic set.

12-piece set printed with 6-color spot enamel ink-silkscreened on laser cut PETG. Includes 2 key fobs, and two custom coin door inserts.

Top arch pieces have been intentionally color matched to the rest of the set, rather than use the unmatched “default” arch colors that Stern SEI used on many games at the time.

Original color 13C-102-1L and 13C-102-1R top arch plastic may be purchased separately.


  • 13A-105-1
  • 13A-105-2
  • 13A-105-3
  • 13A-105-4
  • 13A-105-5
  • 13A-105-6
  • 13C-102-1L
  • 13C-102-1R
  • 23C-102-M
  • 23C-101-1L

8 oz


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