Switch - sub-miniature 3 inch flat lever


A universal snap action sub-microswitch with flat blade lever that can be easily formed to any shape necessary. Keep a spare in your toolbox for emergencies. Trim as needed. End to end blade length is 3-1/8 inch long. The terminals are 0.110 inch wide. 0.1 amp.

Great substitute for many of the 5647-12693-XX series Bally/Williams and 180-50XX-00 or 180-51XX-XX series Sega/Stern sub-miniature snap action switches with flat lever actuators.


  • 12-SMSB
  • 5647-12693-11 trim actuator as needed
  • 5647-12693-31
  • 5647-12693-70

0.11 oz


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