Coil - solenoid flipper Stern no diode


Flipper coil without diode for late model Stern machines.


  • 090-5032-ND
  • 090-5032-00T with diode on top of coil spool
  • 090-5032-00 with diode on bottom of coil spool
  • 22-1080 gauge 22 wire 1080 windings
  • 545-5388-00 sleeve

('T' suffix indicates diode is on the 'Top' or coil winding side of the spool lugs. No suffix or 'B' suffix indicates diode is on the 'Bottom' side of the spool lugs, ND indicates no diode mounted on coil - the diode is part of the flipper control board assembly)

6.5 oz


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