ICE COLD BEER / ZEKE'S PEAK (Taito) Power supply update


ICE COLD BEER / ZEKE'S PEAK (Taito) Power supply update

Power supply conversion kit eliminates the original troublesome linear power supply. Installation requires phillips screwdriver, pliers, soldering iron, solder and intermediate soldering and electronic skills.

Dual AC input: 115v or 230v via jumper. Includes switching power supply, interface adapter board and power hookup wire. Replaces original Taito power supply board part number 08-00128-001.


  • 08-00128-001

Installation Instructions:

  • 1-Unplug the game from its power source. (While installing this kit, electric shock is possible if power is present!)
  • 2-Disconnect old power supply - The original power supply board is mounted at the bottom of the cabinet on the transformer assembly, unplug the connector at location J3 from the old power supply board.
  • 3-Assemble and mount new power supply.

    Attach the adapter and A.C. power wires to the new switching power supply. Mount the new power supply in a convenient location and connect the connector J3 to the new adapter. Be sure the connector is plugged in correctly by matching the keyed pin on the new power adapter.

    Locate the two A.C. power wires leading to the fluorescent light fixture. Find a convenient location and tap the two wires from the new power supply to each of the light fixture power wires.

    Next, solder the RED wire to TP8 (Test Point 8) on the game circuit board. The two jumpers on the adapter are for disabling the +5 voltage (the RED wire).

  • 4-Check your work. Verify all connectors and be sure everything is secure. You may need to adjust the +5 volts to +5.05 volts.

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