YOPPSICLE LED board - Warm White


LED board Yoppsicle - warm white.

Tired of struggling with dirty, finicky, sporadically working feature lamp sockets in your classic Bally (1977-1985) pinball game? Have you cleaned and twisted to no avail on multiple occasions? Was installing a new lamp socket on a vertical playfield an exercise in frustration?

Yoppsicle™ LED lamp boards will save the day! See installation instructions here !

Designed by an enthusiast for fellow enthusiasts, these boards are simple, effective feature lamp lights!

They eliminate the notoriously cranky early Bally solid state pinball lamp sockets. These lamp boards are great looking and simple to install. Using a single, warm white surface mount LED, they will also brighten your pinball playing experience! They are brighter than a #44 incandescent bulb and just as bright as any high quality LED bulb.

Designed with a 'load' resistor to eliminate the flicker seen when installing LED's while using the factory Bally lamp driver boards. These LED boards will function just fine with an Alltek lamp driver board too!

Also sold on a snap-able 'sheet' of 50 for orders over 50 units!


  • 05-YOP-WW
  • E-120
  • E-120-127

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