Star post LED - yellow


6.3 volt AC playfield star post illumination

Make your playfield lightning pop with this popular game modification. 1-1/16 inch tall plastic star post is common to late model Stern, Sega, Bally / Williams and other brand electronic pinball machines.

This LED is designed ONLY for 6 VAC game lightning systems found in Williams, Bally, Data East, Sega, and Stern pinball machines. Will NOT operate in 5 VDC lighting systems from Jersey Jack Pinball, Spooky Pinball, and Dutch Pinball.

Fits neatly under any standard, single bumper ring 03-8319-XX plastic star post. Will not fit under double ring or concentric ring style posts.

Includes LED board and wiring.


  • 03-8319-XX star post


WARNING: Installation requires basic knowledge of electronic circuity and requires soldering. Incorrect installation may damage these boards and/or your pinball machine.

  • 1. Turn OFF power to the machine.
  • 2. Install LED board beneath desired star post. They should fit loosely under the plastic post.
  • 3. Position wires close to a playfield hole and avoid ball traffic areas. Feed the wires through hole to underside of playfield.
  • 4. For GENERAL ILLUMINATION of the post, connect the WHITE and GRAY wires to any nearby general illumination lamp. Post will light along with all general illumination lamps.
  • 5. To add SWITCHED ILLUMINATION flashing feature, connect the GRAY wire to the minus or negative side of a nearby coil or flash lamp. Posts will flash in sync with coil or lamp activation. This connection will cause the post light to dim slightly.
  • 6. Check all connections and secure excess wire with a cable tie away from moving parts.

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