LED lamp #455/bayonet base warm white blinker FAST


Fast Warm White bayonet base LED blinker from Comet Pinball!

This BLINKING white lamp is a replacement for #455 bayonet based miniature self-flashing incandescent lamps.
Commonly found as an 'effect' bulb in back glasses.
These blinking bulbs are available in a 'fast' and a 'slow' blink speed. Please check this video to see the difference in blinking speeds. A mix of both will keep the blinking effect looking even in most applications.
NOTE! These bulbs will not function as delay circuit timers in EM pinball games. The physical breaking of the filament connection in an incandescent bulb is required in these circuits to work correctly.


  • 05-455-WWB - Warm White fast
  • 05-455-WWBS - Warm White slow
  • 05-455-CWB - Cool White fast
  • 05-455-CWBS - Cool White slow
  • 04-0455 - Incandescent bulb

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