CUE BALL WIZARD (Gottlieb) LED kit


LED lamp complete conversion kit for the Gottlieb CUE BALL pinball machine.

Includes new, cool, high efficiency, long-life, plug-in replacement LED lamps for all flashers, backbox general illumination, playfield general illumination, and playfield switched feature lamps.

This custom assortment of colors and sizes has been designed by a consensus of owners of this machine for correct visual accents and a balanced illumination presentation.

LED's have typical life expectancy of 50,000 to 100,000 hours each. These may be the last lamps your pinball ever needs!


  • 05-1169

Installation note: When replacing the #89 incandescent lamps in the FLASH LAMP circuits with these new LEDs, you must remove the resistor ground connections on each lamp for proper operation.

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