Side rails - Bally/ Midway pair 50-1/4"


Left and right side stainless steel trim 50-1/4 inch overall length molding for Bally Midway 6803 System pinball machine cabinets with flipper button cutouts such as DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and ESCAPE FROM THE LOST WORLD.

Check side rail length and carriage bolt hole positions before ordering. For rails with 2 rear carriage bolt holes, use 0365-00128-0100 under related items below.


  • Midway 036-00128-0100 right side molding
  • Midway 036-00128-0200 left side molding
  • Midway 0360-00128-0100 right side molding
  • Midway 0360-00128-0200 left side molding

    • Must be shipped in a 4 inch diameter cardboard tube. Additional shipping may apply. We will contact you.

4 lb


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