Link - flipper Williams thick new style


New oval shape gray plastic flipper link used with the extension return flipper spring. 4.6mm thick.

Oval link is used on later flipper assemblies.

The newer style oval link will not work properly with the conical shaped spring.

Maintenance tip: Note that it is highly recommended to change the entire plunger & link assembly when the link is broken. The plunger and coil stop are usually worn to the point where the additional distance traveled by the plunger stresses and breaks the link. This typically occurs after an estimated 500,000 flip cycles. See the associated plunger & link assembly or flipper rebuild kit under related items below.


  • 03-8753 oval link 4.6mm thick
  • 03-8050 tapered link 4mm thick
  • 03-8050-1 tapered link 4.3mm thick
  • 10-364 flipper return extension spring

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