MONSTER BASH (Williams) Bracket upgrade


Update "Drac Trac" bracket reinforcement plate repairs the playfield warp problem on the Williams MONSTER BASH pinball machine moving Dracula feature.

On some of the MONSTER BASH games produced before December 15, 1998, the playfield by the slot where the Dracula slides, may drop or appear warped.

If the ball bounces when shot up the right ramp or right lane, install bracket 01-15202 per instructions attached. Order one bracket 01-15202 and two screws 4808-01175-08 for the repair.


  • Raise the playfield and look to the far right of the Dracula playfield slot, where the large opening is. This is where the bracket goes, across the opening.
  • There are 2 nuts already on the machine, 1 on each side of the large opening. Remove the nuts and washers and put the new bracket over the 2 studs where the nuts were removed. The bracket has an additional large hole that fits over a steel obstruction on the board so the bracket is able to lay flat on the board. Reinstall and tighten the 2 previously removed nuts and tighten the 2 new screws into the remaining holes on the bracket.


    • 01-15202 bracket
    • 4808-01175-08 screws (2)

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