The Bob-Math-Use Guide to Classic Pinball Machines


Intro excerpt from Bob:

This guide covers 365 pinball machines made from the late 1960’s through 1985, both Electro-Mechanical and Solid State.  (I treat the release of High Speed in early 1986 as the beginning of the post-Classics era.)  The guide begins with general information about these games and some terminology, then moves on to skills, techniques and strategy.  The main section has game-specific details and advice.

While the guide is essentially complete at this time (July 2020), I will be making improvements to it as time permits.  I’m also going to start adding a “shots to master” item for many games where there are just a few shots that are key to success on them.

The guide is presented free to anyone; if you like it, you can send a donation to Project Pinball ( and mention me (Bob Matthews).

You can reach me at [email protected]

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