Re-cap: SFGE & CAX 2019 July Shows!

July was an amazing month full of two of the top Pinball and Arcade shows in the country! We traveled to Atlanta, GA & Santa Clarita, CA to celebrate more pinball with the east and west coasts. Here are some photos and memories from both events as we continued to showcase Stern’s Black Knight: Sword of Rage.

6th Annual Southern Fried Gaming Expo

We broke records at the 6th annual Southern Fried Gaming Expo by having our largest booth there this year. We had a giant pyramid, built a brand new merchandise display area and even had a cool lounge setup for everyone to relax and hang out at! Special thanks to the SFGE staff and Jason Grindle from Classic Gamerooms for partnering with us to make this show special.

Marco Ramirez did not compete in the 2019 Hotlanta Extreme Eating Challenge, but it was still a really fun event to spectate. Rumor has it he will be re-claiming his throne for the 2020 event (July 10-12th, 2020), so be sure to put it on your calendar!!

Southern Fried Gaming Expo 2019 Photo Album on Facebook:

23rd Annual California Extreme

California Extreme is one of the longest running pinball/arcade shows in the country. Like at SFGE, we doubled our normal booth size this year allowing us to have a really awesome setup. Steve Ritchie came out to the show and enjoyed our Lineage of Black Knight row where we had the Original Black Knight, Black Knight 2000, and Black Knight: Sword of Rage all lined up together. He also gave a great seminar that Krystle Gemnich did an amazing job at hosting. We live-streamed the hilarious Q&A session on facebook: Watch it here!

Overall it was a fun show filled with rare games and fun tournaments! We also did a fun youth t-shirt photo shoot with the Flipper Room‘s “Little Flippers Crew”. Special thanks to the amazing CAX army and Chris Kuntz and his great tech team at The Pinball Pirate for keeping all the games in great shape throughout the show.

California Extreme is a west-coast show you don’t want to miss next year:

California Extreme Facebook Album:

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