MarcoTV – Episode 7 on PinTech LIVE – Rebuilding Bally Flippers

EP007: PinTech LIVE – Rebuilding Bally Flippers New studio, new gear, new game! Join Kyle Spiteri and Imoto Harney in the new Marco Studio. Today Kyle shows us how to do Bally flipper rebuilds on his Bally-Midway Lady Luck pinball machine.


Flipper Rebuild Kits:

BFKIT88-1L2R – Flipper Rebuild Kit Bally 5/80-11/88 Triple Flipper

4008-01003-04 – Machine Screw 8-32 x 1/4″ p-ph-sems

A-3711-4 – Flipper crank Bally linear left

A-3711-5 – Flipper crank Bally linear right

S-496-217 – Plunger – Bally linear flipper

ASW-A20-34 – Switch – flipper EOS 3 blade w/lifter

A-613-127 – Coil stop – flipper Bally

C-649-53 – Flipper bushing Bally early

SP-100-363 – Spring – extension flipper return

20-8790-2 – Nyliner® 5/16 inch bearing 20A-8790-2 C-537-8

4705-00002-00 – Spring washer .50 x .875 inch

4323-01158-04 – Set screw 1/4-28 x 1/4 inch sh-kn-cp M-1369

ASW-A10-45 – Switch – flipper EOS – N.O. secondary

A-3994-5 – Flipper & shaft – Bally pre-1987 white


77-MPT – Magnetic bowl – 6 inch diameter stainless steel

77-TMP – Telescoping magnet stick

77-1398 – 1/4″ nut driver (nut driver set)

77-2829 – Screwdriver set – 8 piece magnetic tip

77-PL5 Pliers and Cutters Set – 5 Piece

#P-6264-134 Flipper Base Plate – Linear Flipper

AQ-26-600_34-45 COIL FLIPPER

Timecode Notes:

00:45 Kyle gives us a look at the new studio.

2:00 Kyle introduces Lady Luck

3:33 showing off flipper rebuild kit

3:50 Bally flipper assemblies are the same from Rolling Stones to Truck Stop 

5:30 Kyle shows us how linear flipper assemblies work and tells us when they need changing (Pintip)

6:50 Kyle shows the flipper assembly he’ll be working 

8:00 Stripped flipper plates and the replacement.

8:45 Kyle remembers to turn the game off before working on it.

8:50 Kyle begins removing the flipper from the assembly by loosening set screws. (Pintip)

11:40 Flipper is removed and Kyle gives advice on how swapping flippers can fix shaft pitting issues (Pintip)

12:45 Kyle removes extension spring with needle nose pliers

14:08 Kyle removes the flipper plate from the playfield

15:45 Mlzpinhead asks a question about bouncy flippers, Kyle suggest a flipper rebuild kit

17:30 Kyle discusses stripped flipper plates and how Bally flipper plates are interchangeable with tapping.

18:50 Bally switched from 8-32 to 10-32 and so should you.

19:50 Why is Kyle changing everything in the flipper assembly?

21:10 Kyle pulls out the plunger and removes the end of stroke switch.

22:30 Kyle replaces the flipper bushing on the flipper plate.

23:40 Kyle inserts plunger into new flipper plate and shows us the Nyliner.

25:52 Kyle replaces the Nyliner.

27:00 Kyle replaces the flipper bushing

27:40 Should you retrofit older Bally flipper assemblies into newer Bally games?

28:42 Kyle remounts the flipper plate and continues discussing why people would want to change flipper mechs.

30:30 Kyle reminds us to tighten everything (always be tightening)

31:03 Kyle tells us why it’s okay sometimes to use the “wrong” coil and explains coil nomenclature.

32:50 Kyle replaces the coil sleeve 

33:25 Kyle reminds us to keep the diode side facing away from coil stop

33:50 Imoto says goodbye to mlzpinball and reminds viewers where they can watch the video later.

33:45 Kyle puts the coil and plunger back onto the flipper plate.

35:18 Imoto asks about cutting sleeves and Kyle explains(PinTip)

36:20 Kyle replaces the coil stop

36:30 Kyle talks about residual magnetism in Bally linear flipper mechs (PinTip)

38:33 Kyle gives some tips on torquing the screws for the coil stop.

39:00 Kyle shows us the wave washer and installs it.

40:29 Imoto asks about flipper plate taps and Kyle explains when and why you’d have to do that.

42:00 Kyle replaces the coil stop again.

43:10 Kyle replaces the flipper crank (this one is the wrong one).

43:30 mgmstudios suggests thread lock, but Kyle doesn’t like it.

44:38 Kyle tightens set screws and rotates flipper to check the play in the mech.

46:15 Kyle begins to replace the EOS switches.

47:26 closeup of EOS switch stack and explanation (Possible Pintip)

48:26 Imoto asks how you keep the stack together and Kyle explains

49:30 Kyle realizes that the repro flipper stack is thicker than the one in the game and teaches us how to manage that difference.

50:45 Kyle realizes that he used the wrong side crank

51:20 Kyle explains why the flipper cranks come in left and right sides and continues to replace with the correct crank.

54:00 Kyle explains why he’s using a T-Handle allen wrench instead of the L shaped one.

55:00 Kyle tells us that he’s going to need the correct screw for the end of stroke stack.

56:00 Kyle explains why we find “fixes/hacks” in older machines, and expresses his fascination with them.

57:30 Kyle realizes that the switch stack is too big and removes a fiber separator from the switch stack.

57:53 Per Monsen suggests using the old stack and just replacing the blades, and Kyle explains why he can’t.

58:50 Kyle continues modifying the switch stack to make it work.

1:00:00 Kyle checks to see if he can use the existing screws.

1:00:20 Imoto  asks if everyone who purchases this switch will have to modify it, Kyle explains that if everything was stock she wouldn’t have to.

1:01:30 The switch now fits in the flipper mech and is installed

1:02:00 Kyle tells us that he’s going to get some heat shrink tubing for the eos actuator

1:02:25 Tips on tightening the eos switch screws (Pintip)

1:03:20 Kyle finishes the flipper mech installation and closeup of EOS switch and demonstrates its use.

1:04:46 Imoto asks if the process will be the same for each flipper and Kyle tells us we might find some issues that need to be tackled and tells us to be patient.

1:05:40 Imoto tells the viewers where to watch the archived footage.

1:06:30 Closeup of alignment holes and explanation

1:07:20 Mitchell Reeder comment about how we’re getting better every episode.

1:08:00 Showing off the games in the studio.

1:08:25 Imoto explains Instagram Pinball Quiz raffle.

1:10:22 Loris wins the raffle

1:11:07 Promo for TMNT unboxing 

1:12:16 Imoto tells us about the Project Pinball Raffle and that the TMNT will be a prize

1:13:20 Imoto wraps up

1:13:59 Kyle tells us what we’ll be doing next week.

1:14:42 END

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