Pinball Power Knowledge Center Links

An active and growing list of resources to help improve pinball knowledge and empower anyone interested in fixing or repairing their own pinball machine. Includes information about parts, sizing, images and databases to help you find what you need. 

Moll; resource for Williams/Bally parts:

Internet Pinball Database – Need to look at a manual? Decent chance IPDB has a .pdf you can look at:

WPC Pinball Parts Page:

Backglass Sizes by Manufacturer/year:

Playfield Glass Sizes by Manufacturer/year:

System 11 Pinwiki:

Pinball Flyers:

Pinball Shooter Spring Cross Reference:

Funwithpinball EM repair clinic:

Pinwiki – Everything you need to know about pinball is here. All user submitted

Pinrepair – Clay’s great website full of information, if you can digest the walls of text

Public Pinball Forum: 

Slack Forum for Homebrew Developers: 

Coil Cross Reference:

Common Lamp/Bulb Chart:

A Great List of Common Pinball Questions:

Pinball Circuit Board Charts:

Basic Electronic Components

Multimeter Basics

Parts of a Pinball Machine

Common Flipper Issues

Lots of Quality Pinball Information – Restoration, Repair, Resale

Pinball Basics

Quality Pinball Repair Guide

The Goatshed – Quality Youtube Content for repair of older electromechanical games


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