Celebrating National Pinball Day 2021


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Do you know the history of National Pinball Day?

Joe Ciaravino started this petition to U.S. Senate

For nearly 100 years the game of pinball has been delighting generations of Americans and the rest of the world. It has been a unique form of American entertainment synonymous with Baseball, Jazz and Hollywood. Pinball not only serves as a reflection of American pop culture, but also of America’s technological innovations throughout the 20th Century. Although its prominence in the public eye has been reduced, it still remains a distinctly American industry, providing thousands of US manufacturing jobs.

Recently inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame by the Strong Museum in Rochester, NY- pinball deserves a national day of recognition.

In the past, pinball had endured many unfair smears and prejudices. Once considered a form of gambling and corruption of the youth, in 1939 it was banned in New York City by then Mayor Fiorello La Guardia. Other cities such as Chicago, Los Angles, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City and many others across the nation soon followed suit.

The ban ended in April 1976 when a star witness for the AMOA – Amusement and Music Operators Association testified before a committee in a Manhattan courtroom that pinball games were to be recognized as a game of skill and were not games of chance.

That man’s name is Roger Sharpe and we propose that National Pinball Day be celebrated on Roger’s birthday every August 1st.

Check out and sign the petition to help make this day “Official” https://www.change.org/p/u-s-senate-national-pinball-day

Happy Birthday, Roger Sharpe and thank you Joe Ciaravino for helping keep pinball alive!

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