Marco Specialties introduces Super-Bands™ high-reliability pinball flipper bands

Superbands rbLexington, SC — Marco Specialties, a leading pinball parts e-retailer, today announced the new line of Super-Bands high-reliability pinball flipper bands. Super-Bands™ are advanced, custom-formulated, polyurethane rings (a.k.a. urethane flipper rings) designed for pinball machine flippers and bumpers. Super-Bands are superior to traditional flipper rubber with better durability and better ball control, translating to increased reliability, reduced operating costs, and better player satisfaction for pinball machines in both commercial and collector environments. Super-Bands are available in a wide variety of original equipment and unique colors.

Super-Bands are high-durability, next-generation polyurethane flipper rings.

Super-Bands are high-durability, next-generation polyurethane flipper rings.

Tested by professional pinball players, tournament directors, and commercial operators, Super-Bands are proven to reduce maintenance and increase playability in all pinball machines. Super-Bands were carefully engineered to maintain the same rebound, or bounce, of traditional soft 45-durometer flipper rubber that pinball designers and professional players prefer.

Super-Bands™ have many advantages over traditional flipper rubber:

  • More Durable: Advanced customized polyurethane compound is more resistant to abrasion, ozone, and ultraviolet light than traditional rubber.
  • Better Control: Super-Bands have equal to or better tactile response than standard rubber and allow for great ball control by any skill level player.
  • Vibrant Colors: High-gloss surface with deep translucent colors look great on any game.
  • High Quality: Made in the USA under a strict ISO-9001-certified quality system.
  • Lower Maintenance: Super-Bands are less porous and wipe clean with a cloth. They don’t absorb dirt like traditional rubber.
Super-Bands are available in a wide variety of colors

Super-Bands are available in a wide variety of colors

The initial release of Super-Bands includes a standard-size series for common 3-inch flippers and a mini-size series for 2-inch flippers, with additional varieties of rubber replacements under development.

About Marco Specialties

Marco Specialties is a leading e-retailer for pinball machine parts and supplies. With an expansive catalog of rare and common parts, next-day fulfillment, and superior customer service, Marco is committed to the growth of the pinball community by being the go-to source for Everything Pinball for pinball collectors and operators.

Online since 1999, Marco Specialties has since grown to offer over 30,000 unique parts and kits for thousands of games from its Lexington, SC warehouse. Marco continues to reinvest in the pinball community by sponsoring dozens of pinball shows, exhibitions, and tournaments.
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About JCS Pinball

JCS Pinball parts lively up your pinball machines with high-rebound polymer products. These parts were conceived by pinball enthusiast JCS, formulated by Ph.D. polymer chemists, and are proudly manufactured in Cranberry Township, PA, USA, under strict ISO-9001-certified quality controls.

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Super-Bands™ is a trademark of JCS Pinball.

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