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South Park Pinball by SEGA

“C’mon! Even Kenny’s family can afford a quarter!” Bring your South Park pinball machine back to life! (spoiler alert: Kenny will still die.) Year/Production: 1999, 3,150 Units Manufacturer: Sega Designer: Joe Kaminkow Software: Jon Norris, Lonnie Ropp, Neil Falconer, Orin Day Art: Kevin O’Conner, Dave Link Music/Sound: Kyle Johnson ->CLICK HERE TO SHOP ALL SOUTH PARK PINBALL PARTS<- Quick links to cool South Park pinball products: South Park pinball LED Kit: South Park pinball plastics: South Park Color Guard set: South Park pinball Titan ring kit: South Park pinball translite: South Park Figurines: South read more…

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Pinball by SEGA

“Spark new life into your old pinball machine with our electrifying Frankenstein parts – get your monster game on at our website!” Year/Production: 1995, 3,000 Units Manufacturer: Sega Designer: John Borg Art: Paul Feris Music: Brian Schmidt ->CLICK HERE TO SHOP ALL FRANKENSTEIN PINBALL PARTS<- Quick links to cool Frankenstein pinball products: Frankenstein Pinball LED Kit: Frankenstein pinball official translite: Frankenstein pinball flipper rebuild kit: Frankenstein pinball rubber ring kit: Frankenstein pinball plastics set: Frankenstein pinball slings color guards: Frankenstein pinball decal sets: Frankenstein upper plastic ramp: