New Stern Pinball Armor Moving and Storage Covers

Check out the new Stern™ Pinball Armor Moving and Storage cover. This tool is the ultimate custom hand-made cover for pinball machines and is ideal for moving and storing your most valuable games.

Full Press Release

MELROSE PARK, IL – October 30, 2013 – Stern Pinball, Inc., the world’s leading maker of real pinball games and the American Amusement Machine Association’s Manufacturer of the Year, announced today the addition of patent-pending Pinball Armor™ game covers to its rapidly growing line of pinball accessories. Pinball Armor™ protects pinball games from everyday wear and tear as well as transportation and storage damage. Pinball Armor™ safeguards games with its durable, water-resistant canvas outside and soft, blanket-like padded interior. The covers protect the exterior of a game, including the legs, with a single layer of padding and the head of the machine with two layers for extra support. For game collectors, operators and enthusiasts, Pinball Armor™ provides the best solution for maintaining the appearance and value of a game.

“Our team is thrilled to offer machine owners a quality, handcrafted cover that will preserve the life of their machines,” said Gary Stern, Chairman and CEO of Stern

Pinball, Inc. “Pinball Armor™ was created with ease-of-use and optimum machine protection in mind.” Pinball Armor™ is simple to use. The head, leg and body covers are designed to slip-on and secure tightly. For additional protection, the head can safely be laid and secured on the body of a game.

Pinball Armor™ is proudly made in Chicago, Illinois, the birthplace and home of modern pinball. Pinball Armor™ is available now through authorized Stern distributors and dealers.

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