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Ball 1-1/16 inch standard pinball Bulk Pack


Industry standard case hardened carbon steel 1-1/16 inch (27mm) diameter, 80 gram pinball. Used on all contemporary commercial pinball machines built after 1950.

Exceeds factory specifications for hardness, roundness, weight and surface finish. Resistant to residual magnetism in games with magnets.

A rusty, or damaged ball will quickly ruin your playfield.

Replacing your old ball is the best defense against playfield wear.

Sold individually.

Also available in a custom storage container. 5-pack tube.

Equivalent to:

  • Bally M-168-26
  • Midway 0017-00009-0546
  • Stern 260-5000-00
  • Williams 20-6500
  • Williams 20A-6500
  • Capcom BL00103
  • Brunswick 55-860164-000
  • Chicago Coin Machine / Stern 6717-C
  • Alvin G BAL-001
  • Gottlieb 21864 MH31
  • Wico 19-587100
  • JJP 00-000001-00

2.84 oz

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