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Fuse - AGX 3/16 A (6.3 x 25mm) 5 pack


High voltage power supply fuse used on early solid state Bally solenoid driver boards.

Fast blow glass tube 3/16 amp (0.187 amp) AGX or 8AG style 250 volt (6.3x25mm) - Box of 5.


  • Bally E-00133-0029 fuse
  • Midway 0017-00003-0206 fuse
  • Bally AS-2518-22 solenoid driver/voltage regulator module
  • Midway A084-91785-D000 Pinball Power Module 6803
  • Midway B084-91785-C000 Pinball Power Module 6803
  • Midway M051-00C53-D001 Pinball Power Module 6803
  • Midway 0017-00071-0034 fuse clip
  • Bally E-00148-0021 fuse clip

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