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ATTACK FROM MARS (Bally) Saucer bi-color LED GozMod


NEW! Bally ATTACK FROM MARS GozMod SAUCER 2-Color LED DISPLAY Board replaces the original A-20670 unit.

The GozMod is a modification for your ATTACK FROM MARS pinball machine Flying Saucer which would have been included by the factory had the technology been available at the time.

This new board replaces the Mothership Flying Saucer LED circuit board and uses bi-color LEDs. They change from green to red in accordance with the game play. The resulting light display is subtle and enhances game play without being too distracting.

GozMod 2 color LED board in action:


  • 1. High Efficiency bi-color LEDs. Same LED brightness level, but less current consumption.
  • 2. Individually secured LED holders. Each LED holder is individually attached to the circuit board. Prevents strain on the LED solder joints
  • 3. Three pinned T10 bulb socket. Two signal pins and one mechanical support pin prevents strain on the flasher bulb socket mounts.
  • 4. Customised switching circuitry changes LED color according to game status

Installation Video:


  • A-20670-GOZ
  • A-20670 saucer assembly
  • 5768-14754-01 pcb

1.96 oz

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